November 18, 2013
Lately we've been enjoying the days getting darker and colder, lots more lamplight, a daddy-daughter nap, (Grant had the afternoon off, and he said he's always wanted to take a nap with her. Such a sweet dad. I love the way he loves her.) an evening out with new friends, farm eggs, cozy clothes, Chipotle after our baby appointment, and lots of playing with construction paper and glue. Hadley has hit the age where most of her day is play, and most of the time she wants me to be involved in it. Me, and Curious George. We are her two best friends right now. Hadley takes George everywhere, shares her food with him, puts him down for naps, and even gives him a turn to "help" squeeze the glue on our crafts. She's definitely ready for a sibling, this one. In the meantime, I'll keep making up games and fun things to keep her busy. 
Speaking of which, the other day we made a little play stove with a cardboard box from Amazon. It was so quick and easy, and she loves it. She's constantly making me "soup" or "tea" and trying to help me at the real stove, so I knew she'd be into doing some stirring, pressing buttons, and flipping a paper fried egg at a stove her own size. 

1. Start with an empty cardboard box. 
2. Flip open one of the sides on the top of the box. This will make a back panel for the stove where the "controls" go. 
3. Put a few heavy books or magazines inside the box (to sturdy it a bit) and tape the other sides closed. Set against a wall, with the taped side facing the wall. 
4. Use construction paper to "decorate" your stove however you like. We made 4 circles for burners, a clock and buttons for the back control panel, and a fried egg to flip. I have a baby cast iron pan that I rarely use, so I gave her that, a mini spatula, and an old empty salt shaker to play with. 

6 minutes to make, played with for hours. 

Well. T-minus 8 weeks until baby time! (My due date is January 12th.) On the drive to our prenatal appointment last week, Grant and I made a list of the things we need to do before the baby is born. There are more things to be done than I realized, and that only means these last 2 months, which are going to go by fast because of the holiday season, are going to go by even faster! Today I'm starting to sort through all of our newborn stuff- onesies, blankets, swaddles, and pacifiers (which Hadley never used), etc. I'm so excited. 

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Hannah said...

This is a perfect idea for my little niece for when she visits, thanks for sharing!

twinsontherun said...

The simplest toys are the best! My kids spend the majority of their day "cooking" so they'd love this!
I have less than 5 weeks until baby and boy is my to-do list piling up!

erin said...

summer, your blog is one of my favorite daily stops. thanks for sharing the cute pictures of hadley - she's a doll! :)



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