March 12, 2014
Casper, our little round-faced charlie brown boy, today you are two months old. You had another happy day at home with your sister and me. It snowed all morning, but it was warm and the birds were singing. We played with stickers and pretended to go fishing on the couch, and you were content to sit in my arms and watch it all. I spend my days guiding you through the cycle of sleep, eat, burp, be awake, bounce, diaper change, and wrap up to sleep again. And besides that, here's what's up lately:

Your smile stops me in my tracks. Really, it's the best. I love your peachy color and the fuzz that covers your exceptionally round head. You are dedicated to figuring out how to make noises and you like to call back to me with your little coos. Your dark eyes try to follow me as I walk across the room and I'm so grateful that I get to see them so much- they are not too often scrunched closed in crying. You like to gaze intently at the ceiling like you're watching for something big to happen. Your hands tend to stay in little fists, but they creep up to your cheeks and scratch. You are so patient while your sister smothers you with kisses and her hair gets in your eyes. You love diaper changes on the floor and my white noise app. Nursing is your favorite, along with bouncing on the ball. You take great naps in your swing. And you like loud music with a good beat for your lullaby. 

In the photo above, Daddy and Hadley are rocking their babies to Happy by Pharrell Williams. 
Casper's other favorite songs right now: Tell The World and A Little More by Eric Hutchinson  


Laura Murphy said...

He is SO CUTE.

I just finished The Hiding Place....he isn't named after Casper Ten Boom, is he?



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