June 9, 2014

Whew! Hi guys! We've been here (living at camp) a week already and this is the first time the thought of blogging has even struck me. (!!!) We finished up the school year last Friday and the very next morning we packed up the car and closed up the house in town! And here we are. My days are much the same -- keeping my little ones in tow and entertained and fed and safe and somewhat clean, and the laundry in progress. I also wipe a ton of drool from my teething boy's chin and the cute little buns of my almost-3-year-old potty training/trained girl. I feel like I transferred my normal job to a new, prettier location, with super fun neighbors. Casper is getting close to the point of a good nap and nighttime routine and Hadley is loving living around her friends, playing endlessly, and sleeping hard. And we're working on not being afraid of Champ the camp dog ;)

Grant has already been out mowing (with eye protection on- don't worry) and the anniversary of his injury just passed. We are so thankful that the Lord spared his eye and we continue to pray for full healing and clear sight someday, if that's the Lord's will.

Summer's off to a great start! Tomorrow morning is the first staff meeting of the 2014 season and I cannot wait. I'm a sucker for meetings.


Meadow Walk said...

Those pics of your little girl are just adorable.

kristin said...

Thanks for the update on Grant's eye. I've been praying! I hope that it heals well.

Great pictures of camp. A fun experience for the kids to have as well!

Mareen [eeny] said...

Enjoy camp life.
I always love your camp posts and pictures. It is awesome that you can spent your summers there with the whole family. Lots of memories to keep forever.

college essay writers said...

What a beautiful family you have. Your kids are lucky to have you as a mum. God bless you and your family. Keep us posted! and put more pictures of yourself next time



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