June 30, 2014

Hey guys! Every year I look forward to getting a couple postcards from my sweet blog friends during mail call. I love it so much! If you'd like to drop me a line while I'm here at camp, you're sure welcome to! You know that camp mail is the best kind. My friend Kami already sent me this lovely little piece :)

For those of you interested in a camp life update: Today we switch gears at camp. We're all done with the groups that travel down from Minneapolis to rent our campgrounds in June -- that is when our staff simply provides the meals and facilities. The first week of July we begin "our camps" - where our counselors arrive and our staff runs all the programming; the schedule, games, chapel, etc. This is also when Grant jumps into his role as the videographer! And me? I'm helping Casper get through a rough teething patch (so. much. drool.), waking up a lot in the night, rejoicing over a regular nap pattern, and helping Hadley learn how to put her undies back on by herself, to eat her meat and veggies before getting full on fruit, to not run through the camp kitchen, to stay in bed once we've said goodnight, and to share with her cousins. :)

The past 2 weeks have been full, rainy days and late, late nights. Grant and his fellow maintenance men have been hard at work recording music and filming for their annual music video. I'll be sure to post it for you guys once it's finished and debuted at Skit Night on Friday!


Jenna Lou said...

Any advice for getting your little guy on regular naps? We are still stuck on mostly short and irregular naps. It makes it so hard to plan anything. :(

Laura Railing said...

I might have to send you a note!! By the way, could you add a search box to your blog? It's nice to have it to look for that one post I had in mind ;) Starting a no added sugar challenge this week!! Eeps! And only five weeks left in my pregnancy. I think I'm crazy!

emily o. said...

Sent you something! :)

Meadow Walk said...

I sent Miss Hadley something.

Oh dear, I missed putting the camp name on it. Hopefully the box number alone will be enough!

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