January 15, 2010
these days i
1. bake like mad. and at the same time, am accomplishing goals. like 'put something homemade in grant's lunch' and 'make a cake from scratch'. a chocolate orange marble cake, to be precise. must be in a fruit + chocolate phase right now. (see yesterday's recipe for proof.)
2. wonder which olympic names will soon become media buzz words.
3. pop a clementine every time i open the fridge. i love this fruit more than i remember from 2009. they're just so juicy sweet. and super good for you too, according to what i read over here. 300% of my vitamin c and 14% of my fiber too? that's what i'm talking about.
4. can't always feel my toes. extra-thick socks have been my boon companion for weeks now.
5. scrunch my hair. it's been months since i broke out the diffuser and the aussie, guys. but it's official; i'm in a wavy phase once more. i'm finding that a cloud of grape-scented mist hanging around my head brings back a million memories of my dating days at camp. who knew sticky hairspray could be so nostalgic?
6. am planning the bible study that we're doing over here. we just kicked off. woohoo.
7. wonder, will i be hopelessly devoted to this season of american idol? or will i fade away when we get to hollywood week? so far my favorite is the greg brady lookalike.
8. am shamelessly addicted to a new brand of peanut butter. bring on the toast.
9. get in bed early, read a bit of my life in france (so far, so lovely), and stay up late figuring out silly things with grant. like the words to the growing pains theme song. and the seaver family names.
10. listen to battle studies. am coming around about this melancholy mix. straightaway after christmas, it was too much of a downer. the heartache theme was bringing me down, but am now rallying to find remnants of the happier john in some catchy lines and melodies.


Bryant said...

that's what i'm talking about

Bryant said...

or that's what you're talking about?

Christina said...

Oooo..your cake turned out pretty. Did you and Grant like the way it tasted?

nataliep. said...

the cake looks yummy. isn't there just something so satisfying in baking it from scratch? what kind of peanut butter?? is it nutella? i really want to try that stuff.

Katherine said...

Okay, so many things to comment on. I am always in a chocolate and fruit phase! Also, have you read Almost French? I have a hunch you would like it. Peanut butter toast is probably the best breakfast around - unless you count honey on homemade bread toast.

Tesa said...

ooooh--that cake looks absolutely fabulous! the frosting looks home made, too--yummy!

Renee said...

just watched "Julie/Julia" last night! Now IM in the baking mood!
you'll have to give us the recipe for that scrumptious looking cake!
Is your book "My Life in France"....Julia Childs'? if so, sounds like a good read for me!

Mom Judy said...

I can vouch for the Chocolate Orange Marble Cake. It is moist, flavorful, and so yummy. You want to savor each bite. It is definitely a Ladies Camp dessert.

Joanna Goddard said...

ahhh, that cake look so good. and i LOVE your idea of making a husband bookmark, that is hilarious!

Rebecca said...

the aussie is failing me, Sums. not so sticky anymore.



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