Hello! I'm Summer. So nice to meet you. I blog about everyday things. Especially food.

I live in Minnesota with my husband Grant and our little girl Hadley and another baby to arrive any day now! We love Jesus. The foundation of our family is knowing Him as our Savior. We also love snow, sunshine, thrifting, nice manners, guacamole, Arrested Development, making good food, and doing day-to-day things together. 

And I love to hover over food with a camera. 

Speaking of food, you'll notice a lot of my recipes aren't run-of-the-mill. This is because we've recently worked through some candida issues/food intolerances and also because we simply try to make wise, nourishing choices when it comes to what we eat. I've become passionate about cooking and eating and most of all, enjoying lots of wholesome and nutrient-dense food. In the past couple years, I've seen the Lord sustain and heal us with real food. It's strong stuff. And so delicious! We've had experience with the GAPS diet, gut healing, eating gluten and dairy free, and much more, so feel free to talk to me about any of these things! Here's what's usually in my kitchen

Oh, and if you swing by my blog in the summertime, posts may be sporadic due to camp season. During June and July we live and work at the summer camp where once upon a time we met and fell madly in love

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Hello, I'm Summer. A people-loving introvert whose hope and life is in Jesus. His promises are my passion and my ministry is homelife. This blog is a place for me to write about everyday things. Especially food. My favorite thing to do is sit around a table, lingering over a long meal with good conversation. I live with my husband and our 2 littles. We like blizzards, thrifting, grammar, guacamole, cheerful hearts, nice manners, good movies, and making simple, real, nutrient-dense food.

"If Christ be anything, He must be everything."
-C.H. Spurgeon

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