January 13, 2010
yesterday i drove grant to work. not the norm, but i had plans to come back for his basketball game in the afternoon, so i needed the car for the day. i always enjoy those rare morning drives when i accompany him on his way to work. i like to see the sunrise and wait for the 'heat' to heat up as we talk about his lesson plans. plus it's nice not having to say goodbye until the last minute, when i can watch him from the rearview mirror walking away with the leather bag slung over his shoulder and the black cap on his head. the cap that looks part skater/part old man hat. if you saw him wear it, you'd think he was cool. later in the morning i joined the regulars at the gym (all of whom are 30+ years older than me) during 'the price is right hour'. that show is never missed by the regulars. i have my ipod on and occasionally get sucked into watching someone bid on their trip-to-italy showcase.
yesterday was also an impromptu baking day, prompted by a few over-ripe bananas on the counter. i started with the customary banana bread, and had enough bananamash leftover for banana cookies; a first. more on this little adventure tomorrow. then i got bundled up, took the driver's seat (a rare occurrence), turned on some john mayer and watched the snow fly from the farm fields and swish past my tires. i drove back to grant's school, where i met him on the bus and wished him a good game. by the time we got home, we had missed american idol (but it's okay. we have dvr now. we'll survive.) and my crockpot dinner had gotten a little dry, but we shoveled it into our empty stomachs with gusto. and as we demolished a bowl of buttered white rice (i know. so healthy, right?), we gushed over how good it tasted and why was it so perfect tonight and how awesome butter is.
today or tonight, rather, i am going it alone. the first of many wednesday 'school nights'. grant is at class and i have big plans to blast through my to-to list and be all ready for bed by the time he gets home. must stay busy if i want time to fly.
note: rootbeer has nothing at all to do with this post. this is one of those random photos that i was talking about yesterday. i decided to go ahead and throw it on here. grant got this all-natural rootbeer for christmas and i just thought the bottles were too pretty to pass up. isn't the label design brilliant? i admire it every time i open the fridge these days. and it tastes good too, in case you were wondering.


marta said...

so this is the beginning. loved the recap of your simple day. baking, exercising, togetherness. way to rock it. someday you'll revel in these recorded moments.

p.s. i've been wondering if the john mayer album is amazing.

p.p.s. buttered white rice is a favorite guilty pleasure. mmm. mm.

nataliep. said...

hope your evening flies by so you can be with your hubby.

Christina said...

I save cool bottles like that and incorporate them into my home decor. I even packed them all up and brought them with us when we moved last time. : )

Oh, and around here we like pasta (the long kinds are the best--Benjamin prefers fettuccine, and I prefer angel hair) with butter. Yum.

ChelseaF said...

We just had that brand of soda from a local store called RocketFizz! We had the cream soda, and it was most excellent. :) Thanks for all your great posts...keep-'em-coming! :)

Katherine said...

Do you share a car too? I love it, even if it is a little inconvenient. It means more time together and less unnecessary traveling.

On another note, those bottles remind me of my family's New Year tradition of drinking bottled sarsaparilla - similar to rootbeer. I love that tradition!

Renee said...

sounds like a perfect day! wondering how the banana cookies came out?! I too, have "aging" bananas on my counter...need to do something with.
glad to hear the rootbeer is good. yes, i love the labels too...and the great picture! I am trying to master those kinds of shots!! maybe a photo tutorial blog is in the future??!!



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