October 30, 2008
At a rummage sale, I scoured the book section and picked up these cheery vintage reads. All for $1.50.
Five Little Martins & the Martin House. which looks similar to The Five Little Peppers & How They Grew, a favorite.
Also, the Farm Journal's Freezing and Canning Cookbook, and a Pre-Primer.
I love the word "primer" in this particular use. It is reminiscent of the one-room schoolhouse era.
This page, from the Pre-Primer, is practically perfect in every vintage way. I wish that I were wearing dress and apron that Mother is sporting here.
{remember how I told you that I am attracted to things belonging in a child's room? I also have a compulsion to buy up children's books. }


Jan said...

Fantastic finds. I too love the word primer. It's like the days they taught us phonics and how well that worked. I love Dick and Jane things too. I have pages framed and no little kids even. Thanks for sharing these great goodies with us.

Tesa said...

These are great finds. I don't have very many, but these are the types of books that I like to use when my kids begin to learn to read. Someday you will be able to share them with your children! You will have great collection- with a purpose!

Rebecca said...

Summer - I am tempted to buy children's books too!

marta said...

mmm what fabulous discoveries. loving your vintage collections. plus your recipes to die for! i must make up some of those rolls soon!

please sir said...

Such a great find! I love old kid books - they have such a great look about them!



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