October 31, 2008
oh man, I wish I were trick-or-treating again tonight!
here's a little piece of Halloween nostalgia- my twin sister and I as a pair of dice
{left to right: haley, me}
my favorite candy to receive in my plastic pumpkin candy-collector..
gummy lifesavers & anything else gummy on the face of the earth
kit-kats (plain are great, white chocolate ones are even greater)
snickers (as I got older)
peanut butter m&ms (hardly ever got these)
dots (but only because of the red and pink ones)
crispy m&ms (what happened to those?)
what's your favorite candy from your trick-or-treating days? (or still today)


Jan said...

I loved the payday candys. Weird huh. OH those are the cutest pair of dice. Love that picture.

Rachel said...

This is the cutest set of kid costumes I've ever seen! Adorable.
I think my favorite candy was usually Reese's, but to be honest, I'll eat almost any candy. : )

haley said...

i love that we still have that flashlight in the background. :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I recall a similar costume of my own, only I was a playing card...

Dots at Halloween are the best! But the funny thing is, I can't imagine eating them at any other time of the year! And what DID happen to crispy M&M's? They were the best...

My fave today is peanut M&M's...especially when you get one with no peanut, and it's just a giant glob of milk chocolate! Of course I wouldn't want the whole bag that way...it's the surprise that makes it nice :)
Have a happy Halloween!

please sir said...

OHH I'm so glad you posted the pic - looks so cute! Hmm...I love milky ways!

Tesa said...

What an absolutely adorable picture.
I love Snickers. :)

DESIGN DIG said...

smarties for sure!

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my, you two are so cute.

notebookdoodles said...

oh my goodness.
that is such a cute photo!!
you guys look adorable =)


madeline said...

lol! :)

sophie said...

Cute! :-)
Witch one is you?



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