October 2, 2008
my mom has a little black "running errands" dress and i have always wanted one for myself. well, here it is! a dreamy satin-placket dress. i got it at gap a couple weeks ago- on clearance for $11. for some reason, i feel more put-together in a dress, even if it's a casual jersey material like this one (it is oh so soft). i wasn't sure about it at first (especially on the hanger... not the best look), but as soon as i put it on, i knew it was worth my $11. the satin detail at the top is my favorite part, but grant likes the waistband. overall, i'm really happy with this item. like really happy. ecstatic. too bad i can't wear it because it's practically winterish in minnesota already. oh well. saving it for spring 2009 will just increase my excitement to wear it.


Jan said...

What a great idea to have a little errand dress that is comfy and not all wrinkly. Cute choice. Your state does get chilly. I bet with some leggings and a cute shirt under it or sweater, it will be Fall and Winter worthy too. :)

Renee said...

I love it! You will live in it next summer! I have mine out and ready to wear today!

Jules said...

very cute find! i need to buy more casual dresses - i'm usually a jeans gal but the weather here in california is in the 90's! jeans are way too hot!

Casey said...

oh yes, I have seen this. my sister actually has the maternity one...thanks for all your nice comments!!



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