November 24, 2008
Forgive me as I may be changing my header from time to time these days. (as you can see, I have already started) I am searching for something that fits me just right. Something that makes me feel good when I come in and sit down and write. Maybe I have already found it, but knowing myself, I will probably change my mind a couple of times.
As a homemaker I have learned that it is natural for me to seek out a way to beautify my surroundings. That proves true for this little spot, as well. I find myself continually moving things around, finding things to tidy up, moving things back to where they were originally, and recording ideas for potential redecorating.
So, if you see any editing going on, please disregard my seemingly fickle tendencies as I search for the look that suits me. Thank you for your wonderful patience!


pve design said...

Oh, how happy I am to see that I am not alone in this life long process of inspiring and creating to find things to make my world more artful, more beautiful and pleasing to my eye. I once had a "coat" that my parents bought me and I said, I would wear it forever, but tastes shift, fashion changes, and we must learn to let it evolve and change like the seasons.

notebookdoodles said...

your banner is looking good! i like it. simple but meaningful at the same time =) but iyeas, take your time to find whatever suits you. i always tend to change my background and banner of my blog too! it becomes addictive after a while. good luck!!


please sir said...

Oh I totally understand - always nice to have a new look...debating on one myself - maybe after the holidays?



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