November 24, 2008
After reading this review of the latest Martha Stewart Living, I was determined to get my hands on a copy of it. I don't usually cross paths with this magazine, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it perched on top of Judy's stack of ready-to-grab reading material while over at my in-laws' house yesterday. How convenient!
I eagerly snatched it up and within minutes of setting it in my lap, fell victim to its Christmasy charms. I savored each sleek page; admiring elegant holiday tables, studying ornament how-to's, and hastily jotting down recipe ideas.
When finished, I closed the glossy masterpiece, swelling with a fresh supply of zeal with which to embark on my Christmas endeavors. Equipped with my notes on spiced chocolate egg nog, old-fashioned candied citrus peels, and iced peppermint cookies, I am prepared to take to the kitchen and make all of my holiday dreams come true.
All this to say, I think this magazine is worth an extra dime and a tiny stretch of your time.


Tesa said...

As a birthday gift to me, my mother-in-law gives me a subscription to this magazine every year. It is a fun little "luxury" that I enjoy each month, and actually, the only magazine we receive at our household. Worth it. :)

Jan said...

I have to admit. I love this magazine. Thanks for the reminder. It sounds like a happy issue.

littlebyRD said...

I haven't read my copy yet - now I can't wait! It is a pretty decent magazine most months - always something good inside.

katrina lauren said...

oh now i must go and buy my copy! i am so enjoying your have a wonderful style of writing..which brings me back time & time again!
happy day to you!

pve design said...

oh - that one - she does inspire me to make things that people just covet. off to get my own and lock
myself in the closet with it! tee hee.



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