November 19, 2008
concerning my blog..
I've realized that what I thought would be a "list of lovely things" isn't really a list anymore.
Rather, this space has become a margin of sorts, where I can jot in annotations about my life
and lovely things that are on my mind. Although I am enjoying this type of writing immensely,
my favorite format will forever be the list.
The inspiration for my blog & title is my original "things I love" list, which I refer to simply as the list.
Currently comprised of 2 notebooks and 612 items, the list was started years ago and grows each day.
I began documenting because I wanted to be more aware of the beauty and wonder in everyday things.
I wanted to be more grateful. I wanted to be happy with humble things.
And I think that the list has really helped me focus on those things.
I've decided that it would be fitting to provide some excerpts from the list every once in awhile.
So, here is the first snippet. I love...
the list | number one
28. long car rides
63. extremely soft things
103. being appreciated
151. deep sinks
21. bacon, lettuce, and NO tomato
11. a clean room
91. sitting in a full bathtub
159. listening to clock chimes
130. lindt lindor truffles
54. christmas lights
125. thick carpet
144. lucky charms (the cereal)
193. the library
218. trivial pursuit
244. putting away newly-purchased groceries
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katrina lauren said...

what i love is this post! you have inspired me to start my own list...

erin elizabeth king said...

me too!

notebookdoodles said...

ooooh i like the snippet of your lists!! very nice indeed =)


haley said...

#613: blog comments

Julia said...

I enjoy lists too - if I made a list like this, bacon would be 1-10

Anonymous said...

YES to deep sinks! We had an apartment recently with a really shallow sink and doing the dishes required waders and a raincoat...

And if you're ever up for a trivial pursuit marathon, I'm your girl! Just don't make me answer any of the sports and leisure questions...

Capegirl said...

What a lovely idea (I just came upon your blog). A life list.

The notebooks are beautiful, may I inquire where they can be purchased.

Writing in beautiful books is rewarding in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

love this list! i especially love it because, until i read it, i hadn't realized i love them too! like deep sinks + putting away new groceries.


please sir said...

Oh Lucky them too! Glad to hear you like the listening to section of Please Sir - thanks so much! I always hope someone looks at it!

skye said...

such a lovely post. very inspiring.



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