November 17, 2008
last week marked the 1/2 year point for my grant and me. we have been married for 6 months already. time flies. i just read this part in one of my most favorite books and was amazed to see how much i can relate to it now that i am married. i feel exactly the way this character does.
"As my husband sleeps, I listen to his steady breathing. I am astonished over and over again that he is lying beside me.
I hadn't known what to expect, after all, when it came to sharing a life with someone.
Would I feel hemmed in? Invaded?
But I had never felt hemmed in or invaded, not once. I felt, instead, a kind of awe that made me lie very still, scarcely breathing.
How this could have happened, this sharing of a life? I couldn't imagine.
During the day I can imagine it, and ponder over the slow and gradual and wonderful process that had brought us to this place.
But at night, it seemed a miracle, defying reason.
Oddly, I can feel myself becoming something more, as one might discover new rooms in a house she had lived in all her life.
When I lay there and simply let the wonder of it sink in, I am suffused with a kind of joy I'd never known before."
thank you for that joy, Grant. i love you madly.
quote from These High, Green Hills by Jan Karon


Jan said...

That was so beautiful Summer. I think that first year is somewhat magical.

pve design said...

I am going to calligraphy that for my parents who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and are still incredibly in love. It is so sweet to witness.
Beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words---may we all still feel that way in 6 years and in 60 :)

please sir said...

Lovely words...congrats on feeling so wonderful!

You are my fave... said...

Oh, being married is so much fun. Congrats. Maegan said...

oh that is too sweet! I love being married!



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