December 2, 2008
I can't believe that I didn't think of it before.
For the past 3 months, I have had a perfectly good lamp sitting on the sidelines, thinking that I had no where to put it to use. What a fool I've been.
The other night I finally took the lamp out of its unsightly storage location and set it in the corner of the bay window in our living room. When I turned it on, a transformation took place.
It was as if the lamp was created exclusively for that lofty little spot. It belonged there. It was a beacon, enticing me to come and enjoy the new brilliance in my ordinary living room.
It shed light and life on a quiet, untouched corner. It yielded a cozy warmth to the entire room. Situated just above my reading chair, it provided the perfect gleam for snuggling up with a book under its welcoming glow.
Needless to say, I am amazed at the difference one little light can make. Who knew a room makeover was awaiting me when I brought the lamp out of obscurity?
I am always so happy to discover the value in things that I already own.


Lynne said...

I can so empathise with this! I have too many lamps, and nowhere to put them. I even have two which are off being rewired, which I keep forgetting about...

Anonymous said...

Yay for happy discoveries! I have the opposite problem---I keep discovering the value of everything in the stores ;)

But this is such a lovely reminder to look at what we already own in a different light (no pun intended!)



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