December 3, 2008
We woke to the sound of beeping that wasn't an alarm clock. It came from the big trucks that were scraping away the top layer of beautiful, untouched whiteness in the streets. The excitement of a few new inches was enough to get me right up out of bed. As I looked out, I saw that the world was enveloped in an elegant blue haze. I wish that scene could have lasted all day. I'm happy to tell you that it is cold enough for our snow to stick around for awhile and even happier to tell you that as I write this, it has started to snow again. At first I thought it might just be blowing, but no, it is actually snowing. The flakes are so tiny (and the sun so shiny) that they resemble specs of floating glitter. Yay for December and all its weathery charms.
Today is such a good day. The morning was productive. Cleaning- done. Dinner- planned. Correspondence- done. (good word. this really is an important chore to me.) And something new: go to the gym- done. Yesterday I got a membership at the wellness center here in our teeny-tiny town. I was elated. The bitter cold has been keeping me away from my normal running route for far too long. I was starting to feel idle, useless... close to slothful. Scary. So, after the exercise, I am feeling 100% better. For me, exercise is like a drug. I may not want to take it at first (ugh... nyquil), but after it's done, boy, do I feel good. It makes me want to eat right, be active, be productive, be healthy.
To top it all off, I began a little Christmas project this afternoon, which I've found is just as fun as wrapping presents. (in my dreamworld, my little side job is to wrap presents, in my own house, whenever I want, and there are no deadlines, and no unhappy customers).


Jan said...

Sounds pretty cozy over there Summer. I can smell the comings of Christmas at your home.

please sir said...

Ohh how exciting - enjoy the weather!!

maddie said...

it snowed last night here. but you're lucky cause u got more inches than i did.

Sara Christine said...

Beautiful photo! I have had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit in Northern California. How can it be Christmas if the sun is always shining? I envy your snow. :)

Julia said...

Aww I wish we had snow for Christmas! (Also in Northern California)

Build a snowman for us!

sophie said...

There's a little bit of snow here too. Merry Christmas Summer!
Love, Sophie



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