December 16, 2008
Day 3 of what one weather source called a "life threatening" blizzard.
Snow blowing. Winds whirling. Cars slipping. Ice never melting. Headlights gleaming. Temperature: -3 degrees. Windchill: -20 degrees.
Clearly, I live in Minnesota now.
And winter has swept in.
On our way to a white Christmas.
Am staying home.
Rejoicing over having no place to go.
Observing the holiday that is a day of being snowed in.
Putting real sugar in a mug of tea.
Listening to "Let it Snow" on repeat.
Cleaning my house with extra care.
Pretending a space heater is a roaring fire.
Wearing my scarf.
Preparing comforting soup for the crockpot tonight.
Painting nails a Christmasy red.
Hanging newly received Christmas cards.
Hovering over a double boiler.
Creating a Christmas treat.
Dancing to "Last Christmas" by Wham.
Watching the snow accumulate.
Praying for a safe drive home for a certain husband.
Again, yay for December and Minnesota and all their weathery charms.


have a lovely said...

what a wonderful treat! a day of "nothing" planned where it fills up quickly with all the to-dos that never seem to be gotten around to! :) hope your snowy day is a warm and relaxing one!!!

Grant said...

Which husband are you praying for?

Sara Christine said...

Mmm I love wintry weather. Sometimes there's no better feeling than being snowed in - nowhere to go, nothing to do but love every minute of a nice cozy day. Enjoy! xo

notebookdoodles said...

frightfully wonderful =)


please sir said...

Oh my goodness - stay warm and safe!!!

Courtney said...

Oh wow, I can't quite imagine that windchill! My grandparents grew up in Minnesota, and, although I love snow, I don't know that I quite inherited their hardy stock. You certainly make a blizzard sound charming though :)



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