December 5, 2008
today my little sis has a birthday.
and today, i will write about her.
has always been braver than me.
can make a new friend wherever she goes, within 2 minutes.
doesn't like lasagna.
is incredibly generous.
talks and acts like me, so we're told.
is a writer.
prefers classy things.
watches one movie over and over until she has it memorized.
takes pleasure in traditions.
's middle name is Noel. which I've always loved.
makes toasts at Christmas time.
manages her time well.
is easy to buy gifts for.
is a rule follower.
likes when other people follow the rules too.
trades clothes with me sometimes.
is a good friend to others.
craves emails, letters, phone calls.
makes a mean fried egg sandwich.
has a lovely, gentle, and sensitive spirit.
always wants to play a game.
pursues worthy things.
forgives quickly.
gives hugs.
impresses people with her model-like stature. tall, thin, gorgeous hair. the works.
was nice to me, even when I wasn't nice to her when we were growing up.
makes lists.
enjoys chicken with ranch. and good french fries, dipped in ranch.
is admirably ambitious.
provides a compassionate listening ear.
treats people like she would want to be treated.
happy birthday, Chels!
have a wonderful, merry, sweet, exciting, and memorable day.
may you enjoy that indescribable feeling of it being your day.
may it be full of lovely surprises.
i love you.


bryant said...

super list for your sister.

notebookdoodles said...

this is such a cute thing. i bet your sister is over the moon after she reads this =)


Renee said...

She will love this Summer! Made me cry! Although, I must say,.... there would be a list just like this for EACH of my 3 girls!

madeline said...

The part when you said Chelsea watches a movie over and over till she has it memorized reminds me of a week ago when my dad rented WALL-E and now I have it memorized!!!!

Michelle said...

So sweet, but doesn't like Lasagna, dude, you gotta work on that.

Savvy Mode SG said...

happy b-day to your sis....

Rachel said...

What a sweet sister post! Happy birthday to her.

sophie said...

i do the same thing when we get movies. :)

Shetek Camper said...

Hey Summer!! Thank you so much for writing this!! It means so much and it made me cry!! I miss you soo much and I know you can't be here but I just want you to know that I am thinking about you!
Love You!!!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post in honour of your sis! she sounds like an awesome gal---hope she had a lovely birthday!

Joanna Goddard said...

this is SO cute. my sister is braver than me too :)

Sara Christine said...

This is so so so so nice. I have a sister too, it made me think of her. Just lovely. xo



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