December 9, 2008
Now that I'm walking to the gym almost everyday, my new routine permits me to observe some of the charms of a small town life. Each day I get all bundled up, grab my workout bag, don my coziest scarf, and set out on my journey. My walk takes me down a lovely street lined with matured and often snow-laden maples. As I'm strolling, I pull my never-long-enough coat sleeves as far down over my gloves as they can possibly stretch because that little gap over my wrist lets in an unbelievable amount of cold air. The walk continues. My tennis shoes crunch show that didn't get shoveled away and I smell a wood-burning stove a couple of houses down. I look down main street, taking in all the old-fashioned hanging Christmas decorations and watching people bustling in and out of the little shops. Despite the liveliness of the season, the town remains quiet and calm. It's clean and wholesome. It's all rather Bedford Falls-ish.
Walking in the freezing cold makes me so thankful that I don't have to worry about how I will ever get warm again. I have a heated house to come home to. It makes me notice what a privileged life I live. All of my needs are met. The bills are paid. We have food, clothing, water, health. Not only are all of my needs met, but all of my wants as well. A husband to love, a house to keep clean, a kitchen to cook in, notebooks to list in, good books to read, a new place to workout, family to see, gifts to wrap, music to enjoy. I am one happy girl.
And this truly is a wonderful life.
{photo from my front window, which holds a fresh, frosty carving each morning}


Renee said...

gorgeous picture! What a treat to wake up to a different "mosaic" each morning! Great atttitude too!
Appreciating the small things in life (like a warm house and a place to work out!) shows such a thankful spirit. I commend you!

notebookdoodles said...

such a pretty photo!! wow.


Anneliese said...

what strikes me the most about this post is that you walk to the gym! :) my gym is to far away, but i do always find it funny that i drive to go work out...

ps. you have inspired me to go to my gym! the cold weather scares me straight inside!...and we don't even have snow yet!

Miss Aimee said...

It is great to stop and think about all we have to be thankful for! I agree. And thanks for your beautiful post. And for visiting my blog. Cheers. Happy day!

Sarah T. said...

I haven't commented on here yet because I don't really ever have anything to add to your posts but I finally can't keep from commenting on your photos. I am continually amazed at how artistic and professional they are. They are probably my favorite part about your blog.

maddie said...

cool snowflake pic.
it snowed a few inches down here too.



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