December 10, 2008
my project.
remember when I told you that I had found something fun to work on? as fun as wrapping presents? well this is it.

the idea: back in november i heard about ali edwards and her december daily album. when i saw it, i fell in love with her clever creation. i wanted one of my own. but ali's album kind of resembled... well... a scrapbook. and scrapbooks and me, we don't get along. not one bit.

i am a simplistic, check-it-off-my-list-and-be-done-with-it perfectionist who admires creative people and wants to be like them, but is intimidated by anything crafty and who has very little money and patience and time for buying up and collecting odds 'n' ends and then putting them together to make something out of nothing. scrapbookers, on the other hand, are creative, patient, experimental, inventive, artistic, mistake-forgiving, multi-tasking, persevering, non-conforming, free-time-using, picture-developing, cute paper-buying & saving, amazing people.

herein lies the dilemma.

the execution: fully aware of my shortcomings and refusing to go all out of nowhere scrapbooky on my husband, but still wanting to make this happen, i set about simplifying ali's project. a few months ago grant gave me a great leather bound notebook that he wasn't using. i hadn't used it yet either. a full 2-month holiday supply of pottery barn and williams-sonoma catalogues were just sitting next to my couch, already read, full of pretty pictures, not being put to use for a single thing. so, i snatched both of these items, clipped up some lined paper, slathered on some elmer's, and scribbled in my thoughts. voila.

the advent journal.

the result: it's a rudimentary version of ali's original idea. highly unrefined. probably a disgrace to even be associated with the acclaimed "december daily album" project. but I kind of like that about it. the glue-produced waviness of the pages and the disappointingly messy handwriting adds a homespun effect. to tell you the truth, i've become fond of the crude, scrappy look it's taking on. for me to actually do something like this and keep up with it, it has to be ultra-simplified. and it is. i am loving it.


notebookdoodles said...

oh this is such a great idea! maybe i can do it for next year =) and i must say, you have done a great job so far! keep it up.

ps. great move on using brown paper.. it makes everything look so good!


Teresa said...

Ok, so I see that in your journal on December 8th, you posted about Luke & Chelsea's baby! What did they have??!!

Rachel said...

I love it! I think I'm going to copy you next year. I'm not a good journaler, but I think I could handle a month.

Blair said...

Oh, my goodness! I love this idea. You journal is beautiful.

pve design said...

Copy Cat this, and the fact that you just did it! Wonderful!

You are my fave... said...

I think it looks fantastic.

Anneliese said...

i love this! i agree w/ someone else's comment that i am not a journaler ( i never know who i am supposed to be writing it "to") but this is just too cute! and full of wonderful memories!

madeline said...

awesome idea! scrapbooks don't get along with me either.

Julia said...

What a fantastic idea. Those catalogs have some inspiring photography..such a good use of them!!

Ann said...

What a great and lovely idea. I love it. Is that your handwriting? I'm afraid I have to use a good font when I do something like that. I'm thinking a cherished family recipe album would be great. Thanks again for the idea.

Kerri Lynne said...

i think your idea was more of an inspiration to me than the original! i'm a bit of a copy cat as well, but i might have to make one for the month of january, i'm not sure i can wait until next december! :)

ps) your blog has quickly become one of my favorites, it's a staple in the blogs i check up on every week!

Christina said...

You are much more creative than you think. ; )



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