January 20, 2009
happy inauguration day!
Today everything changes.
I've been glued to the tv: katie couric @ the gym. brian williams @ home.
What a privilege to watch the invocation of our 44th president as it happened. What a pleasure to see everyone all smiles, to see the masses assembling, to know that a dream has been realized, and to feel the country uniting in interest for the day. 
This time around, I am especially fascinated in the coverage. Maybe that's because I'm older. Or maybe it's because I'm not restricted by a teacher turning off the tv or pressured by co-workers going back to their desks to resume the normalness of the day. Maybe it's because I know that this is an important day in history. It's a day that will be written up in text books. And I want to bear witness to it. So for today, the tv stays on. 
I was surprised to find that as I tuned in to the ceremony & celebration, I wasn't thinking too much about an energy crisis, or promises for the future, or republicans & democrats, or a weakening economy. Much lighter matters weighed on my mind. As I watched the motorcade & the following processions I wondered...
if the Obamas were coffee drinkers.
if the girls will accompany mom & dad to the balls tonight.
what they were all going to eat for lunch. 
when they are going to get the puppy. and what kind.
what has been done to make the White House their house.
Apparently I have no problem viewing the first family as real people, not political figures.
I am curious about how the Bush family must feel today. To walk away, to be completely relieved of responsibility, to go home. I cannot imagine what that would be like. I was particularly happy to have seen the waving of goodbyes as President Bush boarded the helicopter & President Obama walked back to the steps. It was such a respectful and poignant moment for our former leader. At that moment, the new president seemed to fully take ownership of his role. I imagine it to be somewhat like the feeling that a babysitter has, when the parents finish giving you the instructions & you watch as they drive away. They're gone. You're in control now. How funny that these stiff & ceremonial traditions house such profound emotions. 
Today I remember... waking up at the Sarah & Becca's house 8 years ago. We watched the inauguration of President Bush on a little tv we had brought down to the basement for movie-watching during our sleepover. 
Today I am thankful... for the leadership George Bush provided.
Today I was uncomfortable... when the Chief Justice messed up his lines. 
Today I loved... that John Williams composition. 
Today I can't wait... to see what kind of president Barack Obama will be.
Today I am glad... for a peaceful transfer of power.
Today I am excited... because God is as much in control of this presidency as He was the Bush presidency. 


Bryant said...

i think they had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today. i hear the white house is really good at peanut butter sandwiches.

Bryant said...

will the girls will accompany mom & dad to the balls tonight?

No. I just saw on the news they are watching High School Musical 3 with friends at the White House.

notebookdoodles said...

yay for a new day!

oh hey.. that ryhmes =)




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