January 21, 2009
i'm mad about a good reading chair.
every reader needs a refuge;
a corner-dwelling, lamp table-neighboring chair,
with room to bend into a comfy knee-hugging position.
at mom & dad's house, a long time ago, my chair was a queen anne recliner
but that chair has since moved from the living room (aka the museum)
and is now next to the fireplace,
where it is frequently occupied by a large yellow lab.
now at my own house, I have a different chair.
it abides in the southeast corner of the living room,
encircled by the bay window & beneath the lofty lamp.
it's funny how Grant almost never sits there; it truly is my reading chair.
i can settle in, bundle up with a quilt, & pore over my pages
while grant sits next to me at his desk & opens the mail.
and if you find us just so, you will know that I am supremely happy.
i wouldn't want to be anywhere else, with anybody else, doing anything else.
(at this point the word "else" is starting to sound funny)
maybe someday I'll be able to upgrade to this dreamy potterybarn number.
mmm... dark, glossy leather. 
and perhaps while I'm at it, I will snatch this simple print seater,
stash it in my massive dream attic,
& bring it down for a festive debut every christmas.


Elisabeth said...

well-put, miss summer.
i love your writing & your heart for the true & the simple.
a reading refuge is a necessity--i don't have a constant place, though i long for one.
thank you for all that you share.

Blair said...

Oh that is a fantastic chair to curl up and read a book in!

summer said...

thank you so very much for your kind words, they brightened my day.

i tried to click on your name to find your site, but couldn't... so hopefully you get this little thank you note at some point!

Jena said...

So cozy!

Renee said...

I would love TWO of these chairs...one to replace the dog-taken-over one in the family room, and one for Dad's office!

please sir said...

Oh I love a good reading chair too - great pick!



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