January 6, 2009
and so it begins.
January, February, March, even April.
The months of cold weather, minimal amounts of daylight, tedious schedules, & negligible holidays that constitute what I confess to be my least favorite part of the year.
I am amazed at the sudden and dramatic change that occurs within me every year during the first week of January. After Christmas is over and the holiday season releases its grip on the world, I am instantly ready for summer time. No more winter for me, thank you. Instead I'll take the sunshine, flip-flops, school vacation, trip to California, & summer camp special, all the way. Oh, what a detrimental attitude for one so happily nestled into a corner of wintry Minnesota. I'm frustrated with myself for not being cheerful about this stretch of the calendar. I need to change this mindset.
So am I trying to change? Well. That's a matter of opinion.
Maybe I tried on all of the sleeveless dresses in my closet yesterday, just to see if they still fit, you know. And I may or may not have looked through the entire VS swim 2009 catalogue that arrived in my mailbox this morning. A brand new pumice stone might have been added to my routine to create prim & pretty, sandal-ready feet...Colbie Caillat's sweet beachy songs may be playing on iTunes as I write this... and this afternoon I might have rifled through all the photos from our jamaica honeymoon last may.
Just maybe.
May I have a change of heart toward the reality of the long winter ahead. And fast.
May I live today and not wish it away.


haley said...

i'm glad to see you gave in and are listening to colbie. or should i say, "jamaica in 1992."

Rachel said...

I used to get antsy during this time of year, but lately I've just been enjoying the chilly weather and living in the moment. Of course, this might be cheating, because I live in Southern California, so it never really gets very cold.

Renee said...

Just think on this...
As fast as October to January goes.....
so goes January to April!

katrina lauren said...

i know! it's like you stole the thoughts right out of my head! i am in the middle of a canadian prairie winter and can't stop thinking about the warm summer sun beating down on me...it's true that before you know it the snow will melt away, but i was wishing it would go away today!
bundle up... we have a few more days ahead of us!

erin elizabeth king said...

thanks for the book suggestion! i think i might try that, our pastor mentioned him the other day too : )

ChRiStY said...

I seem to get the wintery blues as well! When I was putting away my clothes yesterday I came across my favorite swimming suit cover up. Instead of moving it so I had more room, I left it in there. Who knows why?-- But I'm assuming it's because the vision of warm weather comes to mind every time I see it. :) Thank you for sharing how you're getting through these next few months. :)



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