January 8, 2009
My grandma made me this apron. My grandma is pretty amazing. She knew just what I wanted. It is unbelievably perfect. Say goodbye to my stiff, one-size-fits-all, beige William-Sonoma one. This one's making me feel ladylike in my kitchen again. Great girlish fit, soft & feminine fabrics. Delicate. Graceful. Fun to wear. Doesn't get much better than wholesome, handmade housewifery apparel.
Umm... did I mention that it's reversible?
Yeah. Grandma's good.
Okay this one's not really my gift. It's more like a gift for our apartment. Merry Christmas, living room.
Grant decided to become a carpenter for a couple of weeks. Together with his dad & two helpful brothers, he crafted this ideal tv stand for us.
The creator with said creation.
I'm so proud. And I'm loving our new no-cords-showing look.
Along with these lovelies, I also received a pair of too-good-to-be-true silver hoop earrings. (just the right size. incredibly hard to find.)
A new razor, because I never spend money on them. I've been coping with my Bic disposables for far too long. Hello, five-blade wonder.
Some Redken therapy, in the form of a little purple tub of recuperating magic.
A hearty stash of my favorites.. raisinets, lemon drops, nilla wafers, gummies, & lindt truffles. I'm all set to stock the candy bowls. Ready to pack my purse for car rides & movies. And loaded with reasons to hit the gym.


Courtney said...

Oh, my grandma made me an apron for Christmas last year! Yay for grandma's (although mine didn't fit me quite as well as it sounds like yours does you- so I am still craving one that feels super feminine and fits well!) :)

And a piece of furniture lovingly made by your husband, his dad, and brothers can't be beat! That is a truly meaningful gift.

Sounds like a wonderful (and yummy- so many great goodies!) Christmas.

pve design said...

Oh what a sweet apron and the fact that it was made for you by your Grandmother is all the more valuable.
I would love to see a photo of you sporting it whipping up something fabulous!

Bryant said...

classic Grant picture... the TV stand looks really nice.

Rachel said...

What sweet gifts! I love how personal they all are.

paula said...

i love that apron ant that tv stand is amazing. i love new blog friends;)

sophie said...

Bryant said just what I was thinking.

Tesa said...

oooh. a cute apron! I have been dreaming one up for myself that sounds very much like the one you are describing. I have been wanting to make one, but have not stumbled upon the right pattern yet...



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