January 9, 2009
Allow me to introduce some VIP's.
This is probably the most normal picture we've ever taken together. Usually when we're together, the silly little girls buried within overcome our not-kids-anymore facades, producing slight madness & hilarity.
We grew up together. We didn't fight with each other. We're not needy- which means we don't require daily phone calls or 500 texts to stay close. When we get together, we don't miss a beat. It's like nothing has changed since jr. high sleepovers. There's something so sincere & effortless about our friendship. I can't get over that. I'm so thankful for you girls.
Right now my friends have some exciting stuff going on in their lives.
Sarah... has a birthday today! Happy, happy birthday, my wonderful friend! May you have a sweet day full of celebration & surprises! We all love you so much.
Christine... got an incredibly cute haircut from Haley. Christine, way to go shortie on your beautiful locks! I'm loving your new look.
Haley... (my twin sis) is starting a new job & just started a blog. Please welcome her to the blogger world. Stop by & read into her cleverness here.
Rebecca... is heading to Mali soon. Bec, we're praying for you. Keep us updated on all the Africa excitement!
{from left-- Sarah, me, Haley, Christine, Rebecca}


Bryant said...

haley has a blog! christine got a haircut! i learn so much from your blog....

Rebecca said...

Sarah, the source of wisdom
Christine, the source of the practical
Haley, the source of hilarity
Summer, the source of winsome

pve design said...

No wonder I keep coming back here, you are a twin and I am a mother of twins therefore the twin thing has connected me to you! My twin sons will be 16 this February. They are my loves! Nice to get to know you and your friends.



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