February 22, 2009
last weekend 
found these mini pumpkin-colored bowls at pottery barn. stocked on the sale shelf, the petite dishes were only $1.47 a pop. what may be an out of season color to pb is just right for my cupboard. perfect for a side of southwestern salsa for grant's favorite chili & lime chips, a single scoop of my favorite, or a smidgen of homemade granola.
this weekend 
found us with a full plate. 
grant did our taxes & set up an external hard drive. we went to the farm to be with the fam. february birthdays to celebrate, babies to hold, cakes to cut, games to play, songs to practice, & vacations to plan. the harms' house is one of my very favorite places to have a gathering.
sunday night agenda: 
sprawling on the couch, enjoying one of my new baby bowls filled with cereal.
i smothered myself in a quilt, planted my laptop in the folds, & browsed for new running shoes. grant & i figured out that my current pair have somewhere around 1,000 miles on them. my poor knees! it's definitely time to get me some new cushioning. 
to top it all off, tuned in to abc for a night with the glitzy & glamorous side of hollywood. i'm a sucker for sparkly dresses, star camaraderie & hurried speeches. hugh jackman: smart choice. classy. zac & vanessa: happily surpised to see you on the big stage. slumdog: can't wait to see you. glad you got the big win. musicals: they are so back. and you won't see me complaining. kate winslet: even though i haven't seen your two new movies, you are always my favorite. mr. roboto: hilarious.


Blair said...

Oh, love those bowls. Everything I always have is too small or just way to big--those look just right! (feel like I am in goldilocks!)

Kelli said...

I love those bowls. I wish I had an eye for bargains, I'll have to practice. This post made me want some salsa too, yum!

Renee said...

Your weekend sounded fabulous! Would have loved to hear the "singing Harms'" !
The PB bowls look just perfect for salsa. Great idea and great find!

notebookdoodles said...

the bowls are adorable!!




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