February 24, 2009
speaking of granola, i made a batch on friday night.
right before an evening showing of when harry met sally.
our house was overwhelmed with cinnamon & spice & everything nice.
this granola recipe is famous at camp shetek. our campers will tell you that it's the best of breakfasts. the acclaimed morning mix was created by my mother-in-law, judy, who is a genius in the kitchen.
when it comes to planning meals, fashioning a pretty table, whipping up a something quick & hearty, finding new dishes, writing & perfecting recipes, & baking unbeatable bread, she is the queen. i have learned so much from her. i have the great privilege of working with her in the camp kitchen during the summer, where i gather fresh ideas & inspiration from her brilliance.
just a couple days ago, she displayed her sensational skills as she prepared a lovely meal & gracefully served a housefull of hungry guests. 18 people trounced through her kitchen, put their feet under her table, polished off the stroganoff & dirtied up her dishes. always the perfect hostess, she makes this feat look effortless. her work is streamlined & seamless. no hurrying, no scurrying, no frustrations, just an unshakable smile & kind words & wholsome, homemade cuisine.
more & more, as I watch judy, and as I watch my mom when I come home to visit, the value of being a good hostess & the desire to be proficient in the realm of hospitality steadily grows in my mind. their generous ways, always-think-of-everything cleverness, & put-everyone-at-ease tendencies have me amazed. ladies, you are my most fascinating study material. will be mentally taking notes on your stunning social graces.
judy and mom, thank you for being an excellent examples for me. thank you for showing me what it looks like to work joyfully, with the heart of a servant, and with a gentle & quiet spirit. i just love learning from you.


Kelli said...

That is wonderful that you have such great examples. Being a good hostess is a goal of mine, to welcome people and make them feel comfortable. That makes me happy. Your granola looks so yummy.

b is for brown said...

hi summer. i am summer as well. found your blog and love it. i cannot wait hear and see your first dinner party. you can do it!

Rachel said...

Being a good hostess is such an art. I'm always studying people that I admire, to see how they do it. I think it's a very worthy aspiration.

Jeremy and Sarah said...

Can i have the recipe? I was just wanting granola for my yogurt the other day.

mary said...

I love this post. And really want to try that granola! :)

Anneliese said...

is this a secret recipe? granola is near the top of my favorites list...and i would love to make some!

Ernie, Michelle and Emmy said...

Hi Summer - I'm Sarah Stine's sister and would LOVE to get your granola recipe if it's up for the "giving"! :) Thanks so much, BTW I love following your blog! You're very creative!



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