February 27, 2009
when i was little, my dad established friday night as movie night.
it was a family affair, including a hand-picked movie & the ordering of pizza.
i credit my love for movies & memory bank of actor names to this tradition.
thanks, dad. friday night will forever feel like a night for pizza.
sadly, our teeny-tiny town offers us no pizza parlor. i've heard scuttlebutt (yes! this is a real word. i didn't believe it either.) that we'll be getting one soon. but until that day, I will continue with the homemade way. and really, this doesn't bother me much at all. not anymore, that is. not since my sister-in-law heidi shared her deep-dish recipe on her blog. as we like to say in the camp kitchen, this pizza is perf. it has come out just right every single time! i make a half batch, throw it in my little cake pan, & presto: pizza party for two. deidi, how can i thank you?
in other news..
happy hard-water friday to all!
that's right. i'm trying not to be upset about the loss of soft water for a few days. something's up with the softener. my hair & hands are evidence. dry skin & breaking ends. my stylist (ah-hem.. haley) will not be happy. i will be supremely happy when the dry winter & drying water are gone.
another snowstorm showed up at my door yesterday, sending my husband home from school at noon. thank goodness for snowdays, even a 1/2 snowday will do. grant filled out tax forms, i made french bread & we both watched idol & 30 rock. happily, we were able to get away from the curb this morning because a snow plow was conveniently close & graciously dug us out. yay for the people who work through the snowdays.


A. said...

Summer, I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog from Marta's, and I've been following since! I like your style, and your cooking sounds divine [oh, I wish I could cook]! Anyway, you've inspired me to start my own list, and I'm really loving it.

You have a great blog, and I also like your writing style.

Sorry for such a long comment! Have a great day.



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