February 26, 2009
maintenance men comedy & creativity in its truest form; the music video.
the men & my own leading man are back, with another musical rendition.
newsies-style. performance by.. grant, graham, ryan, sam, bryant, & jared.
to get the story on the men & see the first m.m. music video, click here.
ps. grant & i had been dating for about a week when they filmed this.
pps. the "father" who pops up is the camp director & my father-in-law, steve.


Bryant said...

look! it's me! i feel honored to be featured on your blog.

Anneliese said...

i have seen this...(kami showed us all the videos after she came back from camp) and i can't watch it. seize the day will be stuck in my head for months...i just recently got it out of my head :)

Blair said...

I loved the last one so much--fun to see another one. Also, love your wedding picture in the sidebar--you were a beautiful bride. Have a wonderful weekend summer!



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