February 10, 2009
remember my dismal day yesterday? 
despite my efforts to dwell on all things nice,
the weather was gloomy and I was glum.
happily, something to cheer me up sat just outside my door!
my sweet friend marta sent me a lovely valentine surprise.
her gift-giving brilliance absolutely made my day.
start with cinnamon bears to put a sugary smile upon my face,
add an adorable dish to serve 'em up & show 'em off,
plus perfect packaging. genius. 
thank you so very much, marta! 
doesn't she have the best handwriting in the world?
I know. I'm completely jealous.
let's all just take a minute to snatch a slip of paper 
and attempt to emulate her killer penmanship...
(but let's face it, no one can jot it out like her)
however, her oh-so-sublime script is just the icing.
ready for the cake? marta is the best writer. the best.
on my lunch break, I usually go over and dip into her archives.
i've found that m.writes is the perfect complement to a turkey sandwich.
it's totally better than finagling the paper or flipping through a magazine.
get in on a piece of this cake. it's my favorite kind.
you'll love it. and you'll love her.
we'll just call this my valentine's day gift to all of you.
a little love story.
happy reading!


Rachel said...

So sweet! Aren't little surprises the best?

notebookdoodles said...

aaw. such a nice little surprise!


Courtney said...

Oh, what a very sweet surprise! Marta's penmanship is beautiful, and her writing is even better-- it was what hooked me on her blog from my very first read.

please sir said...

Oh that is so sweet - I'm sure it made you happy!

marta said...

am so glad you enjoyed a little sweetness. thanks for being my number one fan. next to my mom of course.

Blair said...

Aww! So sweet and so lucky of you to have friends like that!



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