February 9, 2009
yuck. muck.
not a pleasant way to start such a lovely week...
but i'm trying to drop the dreariness & dwell on happy things.
last week of grant's early a.m. practices.
am spending the afternoon with funny 4-year-olds.
pineapple-pretzel salad in the fridge.
making a valentine for my valentine.
hot shower coming right up.
phone call with becca penciled in.
weekend getaway with grant on the horizon.
love is in the air.
the list is on my desk.
the list | number four
646. sitting on top of a counter, 
with a bowl of something yummy in my hands
056. nice restaurants
111. washing the car. on the driveway. on a hot day.
117. roast beef, corn, & mashed potatoes on my plate
254. make-up bags
628. getting that deep voice when I'm sick
203. the smell of chlorine
380. sleeping straight through the night
083. movie soundtracks
435. being treated like a lady
437. anne of green gables
250. valentine's day
602. holding a puppy
609. when my hair still looks good when I wake up
052. swedish pancakes
bonus! {not even added to the official list yet}
debbie reynolds' wardrobe in singin' in the rain


stina1125 said...

pineapple pretzel salad... incredibly jealous! i just walked to class, computer in my arms, raindrops spattering my glasses and the bottoms of my jeans dragging in the mud. disgusting. but your blog brightens me right up. i am so glad we were able to talk in real life yesterday!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

YES on movie soundtracks (my favorites include cider house rules, brokeback mountain and a river runs through it).

haley said...

i love #628

Lynne said...

I actually love brown and grey days - they are one of my favourites. And I love Anne of Green Gables.



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