February 4, 2009
for the next week, i'll be the substitute.
helping with glue, tying shoes, filling juice cups, resolving sharing problems.
all that good preschool stuff.
we should all teach preschool every now & then.
it makes you realize just how far you've come.
it allows you a day to study the letter Pp & the number 8.
it gives you a chance to make paper pepperoni pizzas & circle 8 pirate's parrots.
it means taking home the extra snack-size keebler chips deluxe.
which are incredibly delicious, but you've probably forgotten about that.
today I remembered.
nothing like a good reminder to enjoy simple things.
like store-bought cookies, brought to share with the class.
like knowing your abc's.
like the ability to read the instructions on a worksheet.
like possessing readable handwriting.
yay for us!


Anneliese said...

i work with preschoolers everyday! (after school) and you have summed it up! sharing issues, who knocked down who's blocks, stop making fun of naked barbies, you know...the usual.

{michelle} said...

Welcome to my world

Blair said...

Oh, how fun! Wish life was still so simple:)

Anonymous said...

Love that. I'd be down for some Play-Doh, myself.

pve design said...

hey, never too old for elmo here.

marta said...

this is the sweetest. i think you have such a sweet heart. and i love your poetic lists like this. enjoy the little things, such a good reminder.



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