February 3, 2009
i've always had a healthy appetite for reading, and never has it been so satisfied than with the mitford books.
the love affair between myself and this story began when my grandma handed me the first book. i was in fifth grade. eleven-year-old-girl that i was, i felt very grown up with the smooth, thick novel between my hands. i was smitten with the delicate pages and small font. this book was different than nancy drew.
i remember keeping my mitford novel safely tucked away behind the purple fiscars scissors and extra erasers inside my desk. i would pull it out when i had finished an assignment and read myself away into another world. a world that made me feel good. a world that was sweet and mellow. endearing and addicting.
i will admit, when i started out with book one, i went in with a bad attitude. it was slow and i was a doubtful. i didn't think that i was old enough for it. i didn't like that the main character was a man, and an old man, at that. how could a story about a 60-year-old man be appealing to me? or to anybody? (60 seemed ancient to me, of course)
happily, it didn't take long for me to realize that i was very much mistaken. the charming village life and delightful cast of characters quickly captured my heart.
i am hopelessly devoted to these books. i will read them for the rest of my life. i don't know how many times i've read them over the years, i've lost count. i give my memory a little bit of time to 'forget' the story and then pick them up to read over again. why should a good thing only be enjoyed once?


Rachel said...

I always re-read. I've never tried the Mitford series although I've only heard great things about it. I think I'm going to jump in.

haley said...
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please sir said...

I have a hard time re-reading...just like watching shows over and over again. I feel like I'm not being productive or something? But if you love something, then why not enjoy it again?

haley said...

when i see these books, all i can think about is the first 3 chapters of the first book. (which is the only part that i have ever read and re-read...) it's always about that dog and his secretary that i hate so much.

ps: i don't like that the present and past forms of "read" are spelled the same.

Anneliese said...

i have been on the casual look-out for a new book/series (series books are my favorite because i can never get enough of just one glimpse into the characters lives!). i think i will try these because i prefer to read recommended books.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I totally love these books! It's funny because I was in Border's last weekend with Rebecca and while I was looking at the Mitford series I decided that I should re-read them soon.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I've GOT to get my hands on these! I've never heard of them but I love quaint, comforting village life stories. and the fact that there are a bunch of them is even better---don't you hate when you're 100% committed to a book and then it ends?

as for re-reading, I don't do it much. in fact the only author I'm able to reread with gusto is jane austen---her words are both familiar and new with each and every read. she is my FAVE!



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