March 6, 2009
instead of worrying about whether or not something is blogworthy, i have learned to stop trying to make everything perfect & fascinating & impressive. it doesn't matter. just blog about anything & everything. you never know which tiny details of your life might resonate with someone. this quote caught my attention & made me realize that i was too concerned with selecting the "right things" to post about.. "lord, i renounce my desire for human praise, for the approval of my peers, the need for public recognition. i deliberately put these aside today, content to hear you whisper, 'well done, my faithful servant.' amen"
of course, when you have a blog, you must consider the fact that you have readers. that's what a blog is all about, isn't it? if it were all personal & purely for my own benefit, i could just write it down in a notebook. no, blogging means sharing & sharing is fun. so for me, writing this blog is about finding a balance between writing for my own enjoyment, for readers, and ultimately, for god's glory. hopefully doing all of these things without getting too caught up attempting perfection.
the save your stuff part..
ever since i read this post, i began to have moments of panic about losing all the documentation that i'm so happy about achieving. there have even been times when i click onto my page & the sidebar is still there, but all of the posts are missing. they have always appeared later- they weren't really gone- but just the same, i should have a backup plan.
a couple of weeks ago we got an external harddrive. a wonderful little device.
now that we have a backup for the backup on our computer, i thought i might as well take advantage of it. so, in order to prevent any kind of disappearing disaster & emotional devastation, i've created a "pages" document for each month of my blog. they are all safely re-formatted, filed, & stored away on the harddrive, and then again on the external harddrive. yay.
i feel good.
happy friday & have a lovely weekend!


naturally nina said...

What a beautiful post, and so true! I love that aspect of blogging too. Have a great weekend :)

Diana said...

Wow. Such a wonderful post. Enjoy reading your blog, by the way.

Bryant said...

i just had to comment and see the orange B next to my name.... that's if i do this right.

jerseyandmilan said...

yay! i love your blog!! its defo amazing and i loved your quote in this one - i made some of the cookies you had up in an earlier post for a church activity and not gonna lie - they went pretty quick!!

katrina lauren said...

So true...great post! I am always thinking...blogworthy or not? Often the later is what my answer is which explains sporadic posts. I will keep these thoughts forefront from now on!
happy weekend!

Blair said...

What a lovely thought! I have periods of blog stress and the thought of "what if no one likes this" or "I hope it is ok that I don't have time to post this morning" and then I try to remember why I started it in the first place!



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