March 9, 2009
length & strength resume..
prevents breakage & split ends. for fragile, hard-to-grow-long hair.
thought i'd give this duo a try-out.
clearly, it was created for me.
my hair problems are plainly printed on the bottles.
after a couple uses, i had made my decision.. this stuff works.
and bonus! it smells nice & doesn't weigh you down.
i will most certainly frequent the garnier section again.
redken, don't worry, i still love you.
let me know next time you're on sale.
ps. in light of last week's pound cake post..
i feel i should say something so that you don't get the wrong idea about me.
i adhere to the principle that states, "this needs something."
most of the time, that something is chocolate, peanut butter, or butterscotch.
pound cake is an exception to the rule,
but trust me, you won't see too many of those.
sugar cookies & vanilla ice cream are overrated.
whew. glad we got that cleared up.


jerseyandmilan said...

defo a fan of the garnier!!!
and dont worry, pretty sure most of the time that something that is chocolate, peanut butter, or butterscotch is pretty much the best!!

Casey said...

summer, first, i love the post about blogworthy. i used to think of that too, but now, i just post whatever i like! as for my photos, i just came across this: which i used for my flower headband picture (seventies one). hope that helps.. these are applications you can download, and open in photoshop, and it does the work for you! thanks for you comments on my blog about p+t!

jerseyandmilan said...

haha no worries, you blog is amazing so its all good! and i made the 'Not Your Ordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies' everyone loved them so thanks for the recipe!!! oh and i looked at the smitten kitchen recipe too, i am so gonna try that one tomorrow!!

A. said...

Summer, I think Garnier is great! I like the way it smells... but I generally use Herbal Essences because the conditioner is the perfect amount of thickness for me. I can't afford Redken regularly... ha ha. Or that's what my husband thinks.

Also, I was thinking about it, and do you have a recipe for that peanut butter pie? That sounds so good, and I'd like to try it!

Thanks for the compliment about my shoes. I like them too.



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