March 24, 2009
first flowers of the season. yay for spring & for color in my kitchen.
my mother-in-law, judy, gave me these daisies last week,
(how sweet!) & they still look perf today.
it's inevitable: give me daisies & i'm going to think doris day.
please, please don't eat the daisies. what a peculiar song.
but no matter. one of my favorite memories from growing up is
watching doris day movies with my cousins & sisters.
luke, natalie, & levi (the cousins) introduced us to pillow talk & we fell in love. 
my sisters & i would always sing the theme songs over & over. 
we can probably still do a pretty good send me no flowers
& our rendition of that touch of mink is untouchable.
(it doesn't have lyrics, so we added our own. they are genius.)
on to today. the rundown.
grant has conferences at school.
that means he won't be home until after 9 tonight.
that means i need to stay busy, 
so that i don't think about the fact that he's not home.
so, here's the plan.
make bread. 
finish baking the cookie dough that's in the fridge.
make potato salad. grant really likes this.
do dishes. there will be lots.
work on the cookbook that i'm putting together for judy's preschool.
we'll see how long these tasks take me.
i'm guessing it will end up being enough for the whole night.
because i'm a perfectionist & i take forever to do anything.
i am one of the slowest people i know. maybe the slowest.
so i'd better be off & doing. 
happy day to all of you!


Blair said...

Oh, I wish I had some daisies! Sounds like you have a packed evening.

Kelli said...

I just want to bottle up some of your enthusiasm for myself. Love it! I hope you have a pleasant evening.

{lauryl} said...

thanks for your comment and you are quite welcome for the linky-love! and i might have to challenge you... because i'm fairly certain that i'm the slowest person on the face of the earth. second only to my mother. i blame my perfectionism on her. ;)

Christina said...

Thoroughness is good. I'm a perfectionist too. I tend to plan many elaborate (and of course perfect) projects. Having a son has made me cut back on the elaborateness and encouraged me to be much more efficient! ; )

I hope your evening speeds by! It's always rough when Benjamin has to come home very late.

christine said...

I just love you. And miss you loads. Praying you have a great rest of your day.

Courtney said...

The daisies just look like spring! And I am a perfectionist and take forever to do things too! Count me in the slow club.

Ash said...

I like doing things slowly, too. If I go too fast, I feel like I'll mess it up! I'm not good enough at cooking/baking to say I'm a perfectionist, but I still go slowly. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy life in slow speeds rather than super-speed... Those flowers are lovely. This is a long and random comment... sorry about that.

pve design said...

you are as cute as a daisy! I love that fact that you stay busy and always find ways to love it all, no matter how much you miss the one you are with. my dear is working late too so I have a full list to do.

haley said...

"that touch of mink, that touch of mink. that touch of touch of touch, that touch of mink. that touch of miiiink, that touch of miiiink, that to-uch, of mink my mink." (you have to sing it) ahahahahaha

jerseyandmilan said...

those daisies are so pretty!!
have fun staying busy!!



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