March 17, 2009
my thing used to be apples + pb.
i would wake up & think "oh, yes! i get to eat apples & peanut butter!"
although i still love my pb & a, now there's a new combo on my mind.
pretzels + chocolate chips.
i've almost polished off an entire bag of semi-sweets.
i can't stop. i can't get over it. they're so perfect together.
i've found that i have a tendency to eat until my tongue is sore from the salt.
so, i'm resorting to the measuring cup method to promote self-control.
now i just have to convince my self that i don't need to refill my cup. ever.
if all else fails, grant & i have a "take this away from me!" system.
for when we have clearly had enough of something, but we just can't stop.
pretzels are like that.
try this. please.
one handful & you will be hooked.
you have to bite off a pretzel section, don't put the whole thing in,
then pop a couple chips. continue until chips are gone.
ps. this post makes me think of the sweet blog salt & chocolate.
those baby legs are the cutest.


A. said...

I'm that way with peanut butter. Peanut butter anything. I just made cupcakes this weekend with peanut butter in the mix [and that deliciously wonderful peanut butter pie!] and I love it.

It's a good thing they're almost gone. The sweet & salty thing gets me, too.

please sir said...

Oh yum - sounds like a great combo!

Tesa said...

mmmm. I do this with almonds and my favorite 60% cacao Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Simply delicious.

Anonymous said...

Summer, I have to ask--do you do your graphics in Photoshop? They're always so cute.

Now I'm going to wander off and find something sweet to eat with something salty. Cheers!

notebookdoodles said...

oh gosh.. i love peanut butter with apples too!! they are the yummiest. and if you are comparing that with pretzel and choc chips.. then i MUST try it too!!


haley said...


Kerri Lynne said...

i'm a big fan of cheez-its mixed with m&m' the salt & chocolate combo! mmmm

Emily said...

I bought the cutest little tiny square ramekins from Target that are great portion control for these kinds of things. My husband and I use them now for everything, chips, ice cream- they fit one scoop- all things snackable. :) -e



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