March 18, 2009
am using my march m. calendar to keep track of some numbers.
miles. calories. minutes.
am currently at 44.92 miles this month. things are going good.
have accomplished one '09 goal of running 3 miles with no stops.
have done 5 miles in under an hour. yay. 
although nowhere near as grand as a marathon,
for a non-sporty girl like myself, these are huge.
i've always been afraid to give myself the title of a runner
i'm afraid that i still don't measure up to it. or that i won't live up to it.
so, i'm not a runner. but i am running. and aspiring.
hoping that writing down all my numbers will pressure me into putting in 
a little more effort. a couple extra miles. a few more hours. 
hoping that someday i will come back & read this post & think,
if i could do it then, i can do it now.
in conclusion, i'm really feeling the need to get those new running shoes.


Courtney said...

Oh that is exciting-- get you some new shoes! I am not a runner, but seeing people who are (including my husband) always makes me wish I were one... natural runners make it look so effortless.

Renee said...

your numbers look impressive!! Julie and I ran/walked today...7 miles...but most of it walking. We are going to try running the whole way next time (3.5mi) I'll let you know if we make it! We definitely need to run when you're home!

Hannah Barnes said...

Hi! Thankyou so much for the comments you leave on my blog - they make my day!
Running is a funny old thing. A few years back I started running just as a way to stay fit as I couldn't afford the gym. I never called myself a 'runner' because I did not feel that what I did was worthy of that title. Yet somehow, at some point along the way, it has come to fit. I don't know at what point. I also don't quite know how but somehow, I ended up running half marathons. I never dreamed of doing that. Why? Because I wasn't a runner. Yet the transition from someone who jogs to someone who runs half-marathons just seemed to happen. So you never know, as you start setting yourself those goals that might feel small now, they may well turn into goals far bigger than you ever imagined!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

just discovered your blog--thought you might enjoy mine as well!

Kristi said...

So inspiring! Makes me want to get out there and walk (i am not a runner...yet)! Good Job!

Anneliese said...

i am NOT a runner...yet i found myself roped into training for/running in a half marathon in may! eek! and speaking of...i need new running shoes SO bad!! maybe tomorrow...

notebookdoodles said...

oh i love looking at other people's planners =) you have neat handwriting!


Blair said...

Oh, good work on the running and the 3 column layout:)



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