March 11, 2009
they told me, oh summer.. minnesota.. they have brutal winters up there!
and i thought, come on, people. i grew up in nebraska. i know snow. i know ice. i'm fine.
well, i don't know if it's because we live in mn, or if it's just this particular winter. 
anyway, we had another snowstorm. and i can say truthfully that this is hard for me. 
this is march, but the weather is no different than it was in december. 
on monday & tuesday, i felt like winter was killing me slowly. 
it was eating away at my happiness. keeping me cold & sad & frustrated. 
depriving me of much needed sunshine. darkening my house. 
i have never known myself to be so significantly affected by weather before, 
but it was wreaking havoc on me. 
you know what they say about not getting enough vitamin d during these months? 
i am a believer now. 
happily, the sun came out today!
i braved the -25 degree windchill to walk to the gym!
i checked the forecast.. tomorrow it is supposed to be mostly sunny & 26 degrees!
am feeling better. brighter.
winter will end. it will be 70 & sunny again.. someday.
until then, i can't live how i did on monday & tuesday. 
must give thanks in everything. must remember that He is the god of all comfort. 
i must. and that's how i'll get through this season.


Mrs. Buck said...

oooh, I grew up in MN, and I can honestly say I do not miss the winter there at all! Good luck, snuggle up with the hubby and stay warm

mary said...

I know how you feel. We had a brutal winter, here, too. I am craving spring like nothing else...

Grant said...

I agree with Mrs. Buck.

please sir said...

Yay for sun! Winter just doesn't seem to want to go away this year.

donya said...

I live in the Cities, and I'm right there with ya. I've been feeling like winter will just never end this year... but the good news is that sun just keeps getting stronger and stronger, so even if the weather pattern isn't changing, the strength of the sun is! Stay warm!

Kelli said...

I'm so sad for you that it's cold like that there! I hope you get some sun and shine very soon. Just a little longer...

pve design said...

love your writing.
it is warm, poignant and full of hope.



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