March 26, 2009
with a surplus of perfectly good cream cheese filling?
brilliant readers, i come to you in great need today.
remember my homemade oreos? with dreamy cream in the middle?
yeah. well, i mentioned that i'm not nuts about filling..
and i only ended up using about 2 T. of the whole creamy mass.
i'm not the girl who loads up a graham cracker with frosting 
and makes a sugar sandwich.. so what should i do? 
i really & truly think filling is fine in moderation. 
and i really do want to use it up on something delisch.
please, i implore you, bring on your clever suggestions.
in other news.. i won't be stopping in tomorrow.
this afternoon grant & I are leaving for a tiny weekend trip,
accompanied by graham & audra. my brother-in-law & sister-in-law.
it's so fun to have in-laws now. i feel so grown up. 
we'll be doing some shopping & visiting,
some furniture browsing & even some modeling!
so, off to the city we go. yay. 
happy end of the week, everyone!


marta said...

hmm. this is a question i'd come to YOU with. i love that photo of those oreos by the way. perhaps you could use your frosting for carrot cupcakes. i always like those around this time of the year.

have a lovely getaway!

Elsa said...

I vote pumpkin bars!

Heidi said...

You could use it as a fruit dip. Do you have any strawberries or bananas?

Audra said...

I love Elsa's idea of pumpkin bars. Who cares if it's not fall?! By the way, just a few more hours until we leave!

Christina said...

I had a suggestion, but I completely forgot it when I saw the suggestion for carrot cake. Mmmmm...carrot cake. How's that for scatter brained?

Can you freeze it? It might make good future oreos...

Tesa said...

I'm sure it would freeze wonderfully for future uses- on oreos, or pumpkin bars, or carrot cake... they all sound delish! The freezer is definitely my friend for resurrecting good things later.

Renee said... the freezer thing...and then bring it to mom's house when you come!! All of the above sound good and we will make them ALL when you come! OH...and I would love one of your "modeling" pics!! yay L & M!!

Kelli said...

You can also make a yummy cheese danish using Pillsbury crescent rolls. Just line a layer of recipe creations, then the filling, top with another layer of of crescent rolls. Then add melted butter and cinnamon and sugar. Bake at 375 for 15-18 minutes. Yum.

haley said...

mom made cinnamon streusel bread this week, and that filling would be PERFECT on top. mmmm.
cute picture. :-)

Blair said...

Oh, have a lovely weekend and good luck with the extra filling!

Rachel said...

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Kristi said...

Something a little different....
take sliced cooked ham, spread with softened cream cheese, add a dill pickle spear and roll up. Cut into little slices. Sounds weird, but oohh, so good.

Zaina said...

i like your blogs, interesting and quirky :)



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