March 30, 2009
the first installment in the framework series.. a chalkboard.
step one.. show your husband the idea. rachel is brilliant.
step two.. buy frame at thrift store for whopping 2 bucks.
step three.. sand it. paint it. stain it.
step four.. cut wood to fit. paint with chalkboard paint. 
step five.. put it all together. fasten board into frame. hang it up.
step six.. write on.
chalkboards. what's not to love?
my french teacher instilled in me a healthy appreciation for them. 
she would never allow the school to replace hers with the
white marker alternative. she loved her old greenish boards. 
she always told us, 
there's no sweeter sound than little scuffs of chalk on a chalkboard. 
and ever since i found out there was such a thing as chalkboard paint,
i've had my heart set on having a board of my own. and now i do! yay. 
dear grant: thank you. 
not only did you help me with this project, you made it your own. 
you are my favorite handy man.
dear readers: thank you all so very much for your responses to my in need post.
i am pleasantly crammed with clever ideas for my sweet surplus. 
you are lovely. can't wait to put them to good use! 
monday is here.
we've unpacked from our weekend jaunt. we're almost out of milk. 
the washer is chugging & the dryer is churning.
am mapping out my menu for the week & listening to the wind roar.
expecting a snow storm to come rolling in tonight.
my bananas are at the point of perfection & will soon be smashed.
have been craving cinnamon banana bread for ages.
hoping the house will smell like sugar & spice when grant walks in.
mmm. a perfect way to celebrate the last monday in march.


Audra said...

YUM!!! Cinnamon banana bread?! I never thought to add cinnamon... duh. I also have a banana to mash, I might ask you for that recipe!

lucinda said...

love the chalkboard. i painted a pocket door we have in the kitchen with chalkboard paint.... and am loving it!

Christina said...

What a charming idea! I love finding creative ways to reuse second hand store frames. We're on our third and last loaf of cinnamon banana bread from last week's giant batch. Hmmm...I think I'll go eat some more!

You are my fave... said...

It turned out just perfect.

notebookdoodles said...

oh lucky you!! the color is perfect. i love it =) how very spring.


Lynne said...

gorgeous! I keeping looking for a frame to make a chalkboard with. But I can never find a decent one!



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