April 7, 2009
i wasn't about to use 3 whole slices, but i really wanted a taste of
something savory, something simple, and something sweet.
so for lunch i had mini toast samplers. a bite of everything.
the third bite had turkey & honey mustard.
somehow it didn't make it to the photo shoot on time.
anyway, this resulted in me finding an old friend.
hello, strawberry jam. you're perfect. i don't use you enough.
every once in awhile i'll go through a phase where jam is my thing.
usually it's when we have really good toasting bread on hand.
like when we used to get loaves of nine grain from great harvest. mmm.
anyway, i think i'm entering another fruit spread chapter of my life.
which is especially convenient right now.
you see, i've made a new list.
a list of 20 things to do during the last 20 days before my birthday.
and eating less sugar is on the list. goodbye chocolate chips with my pretzels.
thankfully, i'm finding a piece of toast seems to help satisfy cravings.
and the jam is completely natural. fruit only. just goodness.
i figured going 20 days without sweets wouldn't be too bad.
difficult? sure. but fun, too.
at one point, when i was wedding-crazed, i did it for 2 months.
grant has gone 2 years before. yeah. have i mentioned that he's amazing?
he's a no fear, high pain tolerance, loads of self-discipline,
would like to go out into the wilderness & make it on his own kind of guy.
he doesn't need sugar. come on.
but me & sugar, we're tight.
we hang out everyday, especially after dinner.
and almost every time i socialize, sugar is invited.
sugar is always around for the major celebrations in my life, too.
the break up has been tough. and i'm only 6 days into it.
but this challenge is too short to not have fun.
it's like my own little game. and i make the rules.
and i'm pretty sure i'm going to win.
grant is my inspiration. he helps me say no.
but he never puts pressure on me. in fact, he builds me up.
and he says lovely things like, "with that physique, you should just enjoy food."
hearing that was enough sweetness for me last night. thank you, grant.
you make me feel so good.
so here's to eating healthier.
and remembering that the point is to feel good, not to get carried away.
i'm off to finish out the remaining 14 days. keep the toast coming.


Donna said...

My favorite was strawberry before I tried FIG jam...I had never eaten a fig before but saw a little recipe for a quick snack...crackers with fig jam and Gorgonzola cheese - YUMMY stuff! So I whipped it out with my whole grain toast - it's my new favorite!

Anonymous said...

Yum, I just adore strawberry jam. What kind do you buy? I need to get some! Good luck on your 20 days without sugar. I am doing the same. I love a challenge though. I'm actually going 4 months without sugar (until the end of July!) so it is going to be tough. I love your blog, by the way! :)

Jessica said...

Good luck. Sugar is difficult to kick. Be careful.

Bekah: said...

oh i need to join you on your journey, i really, really do!

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you, Summer--I'm trying to eat less junk (even homemade junk, which I always argue isn't really junk), and it's hard! I like a little fruit and nonfat yogurt after dinner to help with the cookie cravings.

John & Teresa said...

What brand of strawberry jam do you use? I bought a sugar free one once - it was terrible!

made sweet said...

i love sugar. i should do this too....since my birthday is on the 22. thanks for the good idea! and good luck to you.

Kerri Lynne said...

Blackberry jam is my favorite! Mmmmm :)

Good luck, you're braver than I, I'm not sure I'd have lasted even 6 days!

(And yay for men who know just the right things to say to their lady!)



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