April 8, 2009
did i mention that it snowed last saturday? yeah.
gobs & gobs of clumpy snow. heavy & wet. snowball perfect.
the above photo was taken at 1 o'clock in the afternoon 
and is a gross understatement of the final outcome. 
it was the snowiest we've been all winter.
which, by the way, became a full 5-month season over the weekend.
so it was saturday & snowing. i called mom to discuss my left shoulder
bothering me while i run & what she's going to bake this week.
grant spent the morning being a spelling bee judge. 
later we went for a drive & i found a real charlie brown tree.
i passed on grant's offer to stop for cappuccino due to my sugar game,
and opted to curl up on the couch & take the most glorious nap ever.
jesse, julie, & moses were here for a visit. we were invited to the harms farm 
for dinner dominican-style. plantains & all. delish. 
the meal was accompanied by name that tune
& speculation over whether or not church would be cancelled. 
it was.
by the time we went back to town that night, 
(i used to think "going to town" was only a literary phrase 
from my laura ingalls wilder past, but i was so wrong.
it's a very real & mainstream expression 'round these parts.)
the snow blanket was 6 inches thick & the highway was perilous.
it was a pretty april snow storm. and i'm feeling even better about the
whole thing now that there's only a few patches of white left on the grass.
supposedly 51 degrees on friday.. come on spring. 
note: please forgive the winter dreariness of this post.
i felt compelled to continue with my task of 
accurately documenting my first minnesota winter. 
hopefully i will come back & read it someday when winter 
is only a 3 month season & realize how far i've come. 


Kerri Lynne said...

Gah! I complain about New England winters, and daydream about living somewhere nice and sunny all year-round (though, what's Christmas without snow??? I'm not sure I could really go through with it!)

You're a trooper, just the words "5-month-winter" send cold chills down my spine!

John & Teresa said...

Are you guys planning to move somewhere else someday with that "3 month winter"?

Anonymous said...

it snowed here last night, too. i woke up and literally growled out loud! spring will find us. it has to!



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