April 27, 2009
i overslept today. whenever that happens, i beat myself up about it.
just an extra half hour in bed & i started to panic.
but after a few minutes of self-rebuke and frantic rushing to and fro, 
i decided i should go with the flow. keep calm and carry on, as they say.
and happily, my late start revamped into a very productive kick start.
i high-tailed it around the house, busily trying to redeem myself. 
and soon enough, i had. hooray for to-do lists well-conquered. 
i had the monday norms on duty today.. 
laundry, menu planning, bathroom cleaning, etc.
sidenote. i am seriously thankful for my very own laundry room. 
and my new drying rack. i love them both. 
they tug on my little homemaker heartstrings. 
they make "the monday wash" pure laundering bliss. 
and listening to a few songs from the cinderella soundtrack
while you fold is a sure way to heighten the blissfulness.
along with the norms, today i'm doing a few add-ons. 
am trying to get things extra spiffed up, because i'm expecting... an appraiser
the time has come, my friends. our landlady is going to try to sell her house. 
she's having it appraised today before she puts it on the market.
so, the section of the house that we rent from her is going to be appraised too.
surprisingly, grant and i aren't worried about being booted out at all.
if the house sells, we'll move. if it doesn't sell, we'll stay. at least.. for now.
no big deal. i know there's an ocean of perfectly good addresses out there. 
picking out a new one would be an adventure. & staying here would be a pleasure.
it's nice to know that whatever happens, everything will be amazing. 
all things work together for good
well, i must be off. i'm planning on being out before anybody comes in.
will be at the gym, working it off and waiting it out. 
i wonder how long these appraising things take. 
hopefully nobody will be peeking around my kitchen when i get home.
ps. happy happy birthday to christine! she's awesome.


Mary said...

I admire how you live in the moment, and don't stress. I stress way too much about things I can't change! You sound so happy and optimistic about a possible move, or not. Love it! Your blog is one of my daily pleasures. :)

Kelli said...

I agree with Mary, every statement! I love how you enjoy what you do, making a home. I'm trying to find balance with that and work too. I'll get there...say a little prayer for me.

mj said...

i get the same way when i oversleep ... that feeling like i'm missing out on something the day has to offer. by the way, i find menu planning to be very difficult ... maybe sometime you can share some of your tips for those who are menu planning challenged?? :)



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