April 18, 2009
i'm sorry, this is not the next installment of my tale.
but thanks to you, i am all psyched up to keep writing it out.
thank you very, very, very much for your sweet comments.
thank you for going the extra mile. making the extra click.
they blew me away. you are all so encouraging.
how fun to find that you like hearing my humble story.
i am thrilled to have more to share with you.
the hard part is getting it all condensed into post-form.
i started out wanting to give you the scoop on camp shetek,
but grant is such a huge part of my camp story, that it's
also become the beginning of my love storyline.
please bear with me as i keep trying & keep typing until i get it all out.
must decide how i want to go about this.
finish the camp story, minus lovey dovey stuff?
a separate romance series? or just throw it all together?
well, however the story ends up surfacing, it will all surface, eventually.
i'm so happy & caught up with my new writing task.
i feel like the memories are all stirred up. they're fresh in my mind.
i have to get every word out or i'm just going to burst.
this is so good for me. i've always wanted to document this stuff.
without really realizing it, i took the plunge with my last post. no turning back now.
even if it turns into a long-term project, i'm really going to write my story.
thanks again for your enthusiasm. you gave me the little push i needed.
and now back to this post..
here's another reason why i love this camp.
these campers thought they were doing some new stretches
during morning calisthenics. what they didn't know was that they
had learned the dance from michael jackson's beat it music video.
and that's how we roll at camp shetek.
ps. disregard the term "monologue" in the title.
there's no speech involved. just a little inside joke.


jerseyandmilan said...

haha I love it!! secret dance moves to michael jackson!!
oh and i am so excited to read your next installment of camp shetek

Bekah: said...

anxiously awaiting your next installment. keep the "love story" coming our way!



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