April 6, 2009
new running shoes. 
as i've mentioned, they're a must
and i've been procrastinating. browsing.
let the real search begin. 
what i know.. they need to be asics.   
be in the asics gel series. have less white than my oldies. 
and rock some bright color somewhere.
what i did.. got down to business & picked out six options.
they all come in my size & surpisingly, they're all quite girlie.
pretty as pink lemonade. yay. 
whimsical meets sensible, that's the idea.
what i need.. if i may, i'd like to request your input.
which pair gets your vote? and, if you're a runner,
do you have feedback|reviews or insider info?
if you have other options for me to check out, please share!
here's a closer look at the front runners to help you cast your vote..
01. the business in the front, party in the back vega  
02. the understated strike  
03. the sporty antares  
04. the sleek & pretty 1140  
05. the old school, playground in 4th grade kicks maverick  
06. the edgy fluent


Diana said...

Just going by looks...I love #4 and #6. But then again, I love all things pink. Ugh, sometimes I wish I didn't like being so girly but I can't help it!

{lauryl} said...

well i'm a weird girl who hates pink (i blame it on my mother who loves pink and made me live in pink bedrooms until i was 14)... but that's not the point... the point is, it's the FIT that matters, not what the running shoe looks like. ;) i never buy a new running shoe without doing a test run in it and having one of the running specialists at my local running store watch me run in them to make sure they will give me the support i need!

Annabelle said...

I am not a runner, but based on cuteness factor I definitely like #4.

Hannah Hildebrandt said...

Hey Summer :)
I like number 4 the best. I have a pair very similar myself and they hold up very well! asics are by far # 1

christine said...

Summer--what a great post. I so wish I was buying some new kicks with you. Buying new tennis shoes is my fav! I definitely think the 1140s are gonna be your best bet. See that gray section in the middle? You should try to twist it with your hands, and if it doesn't twist, then you know it's a solid shoe. Also, I have a suggestion. You should buy inserts with your running shoes. They will help your little kneelings. And, I'm not so much a fan of the pink, but it's totally you. I am looking forward to seeing what you choose. Have a wonderful day my friend!

John & Teresa said...

I have to agree with everyone else! #4 ... but only on looks alone. I cannot offer any runners advice!

Anonymous said...

#6 is my favorite! In fact, I need some new running shoes so badly, so I may have to get them. :)

Jessica said...

It's best just to get your self in the store and try them on. You'll never know until you find the perfect fit. I need some new ones too! :)

Tawnya said...

Summer - I own a pair of pink Asics Gel-Equations, which look and sound a lot like your #4. I love mine, though have to confess I'm not nearly in my running prime as you are. But I love em just the same! Asics Gels are the only running shoe I've ever owned. Good luck!

ChRiStY said...

I'm voting 3 and 6-- No long specific reason.. I just like those best. :)

Laura said...

my vote is for #6 based on cuteness. For me, trying them on and testing them out is a must!

Nichole said...

I like #3. The style is great and they are on sale. I always equate price with quality but don't like to spend the money. So when something is on sale it is the quality I want for the price I'm wiling to spend. I might just have to get these myself. Thanks for doing the research!



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