April 23, 2009
why get rid of a good thing? why?
it didn't hurt anybody. it was nice and sweet and sudsy.
all of a sudden, i cannot find my perfect soap anymore.
i've checked target. i've checked walmart.
has anybody seen this bottle? it's gone missing.
i had a feeling this would happen someday.
someday i would go to the body wash aisle,
look up to the second shelf from the top- and it would be gone.
and now that day has arrived.
happily, i bought 4 bottles of it awhile ago, just to be safe.
so i'm not totally deprived yet.
can someone please check walgreen's for me?


Kelli said...

That always happens to me when I like something...never fails. It's still on their website to maybe there's hope. I'll be on the lookout. Smart girl by stocking up.

Berta said...

Summer -
I came to your blog 'through someone else' - and noticed you're looking for some St. Ives!

I have some GOOD NEWS for you! Go to this link at drug store.com


I hope this is what you're looking for!

Berta said...

Cheaper at Walgreens.com ! ! ! ! !




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