April 9, 2009
am ready to go. phones & camera charged. 
ipod fully loaded. forgotten bottle of cologne grabbed. 
fridge close to empty. sink scrubbed. outfits planned. 
i even cleaned out & swapped in an old favorite purse for the occasion.
whenever i go to mom & dad's house, 
which is where we'll be traveling this afternoon,
i always pack my things in a laundry basket.
thanks for teaching me this trick, fellow camp staffers. it's so very handy.
everything is layered, instead of squished.
plus, there's room to bring stuff home.
like the wedding gifts that are stashed away upstairs in the old toy room. 
or clothes that never made it through the move because 
they've been smuggled into a sister's closet. no hard feelings, girls. 
glad they found a good home. 
but back to the point i'm making: sometimes suitcases are overrated.
in a few hours i will make a pb & banana sandwich for the road,
load up the car with my laundry basket & laptop,
pick up grant at his school, and head to my hometown for easter break. 
will be back on monday, & may be stopping in over the weekend.
there's two sisters, two parents, two best friends, one yellow lab, 
and a most favorite chinese restaurant calling my name.


christine said...


Praying you guys travel safely!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! And Happy Easter :)

made sweet said...

dang. now THAT sounds like a fantastic weekend. hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

oh how fun! it sounds lovely. love the laundry basket idea as a suitcase, perfect. have a great weekend!

have a lovely said...

safe travels and a very happy easter!!

Jillian said...

Hey Summer -- don't know if you remember me from elementary school, haha, but I stumbled across your blog when I was on Facebook awhile ago. Finally made one of my own so decided to comment -- always a pleasure to read! Have fun in Omaha, and although you seem to be a Ming's devotee, I think China Gourmet on 72nd and L might be something to check out...they have amazing crab rangoon (wouldn't recommend the buffet though). Cheers!

pve design said...

Love it, love your basket - slash suitcase. I travel the same way if we are going by car!
Happy Easter!

made sweet said...

yep, my birthday is on the 22nd. same as earth day. :)

mj said...

what an fantastic idea to use a laundry basket as a suitcase! will definitely be trying that one next time we hit the road. great tip! by the way, cute purse (i have a serious love for handbags and its always fun for me to check out the bag of choice that others tote their "never leave home withouts" in). silly, i know.



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