April 1, 2009
after teasing us with only one warm week in the middle,
march went out like a lion. and left us with snow. 
rather rude of it, if you ask me.
it almost ruined perfectly laid plans for no more snow days.
but never mind that. april is here. yay.
sweet april. so promising. so full of easter candy.
today the sun is trying to burn through the clouds. 
come on, mr. golden sun. 
please shine down on me.
please make the car nice & toasty when it sits outside.
please make me wear sunglasses & flip flops.
please make me.. dare i say it.. sweat. ugh.
please make our house warm enough to finally turn the heat off.
please melt the snow.
please make me give up my slippers.
please make blankets a thing of the past.
please make picnics a possibility.
please make the flowers grow instead of freeze.
and please, if you have a chance, put some color in my cheeks.
your devoted admirer who misses you dearly,
i just want to think about happy, aprilish things right now.
and it's time for another teensy snippet.
the list | number six
615. lemon drops in glass dishes
196. not being cold
614. funfetti cake mix
519. seven brides for seven brothers
427. window seats
610. waking up with rosy cheeks
110. a breeze, rather than wind
241. french braided pigtails
363. watching the previews at the movie theatre
294. white tulips
647. walking into a dining room & seeing the table set
217. chicken salad on croissants
263. evian water bottles
618. remaking the bed with clean sheets
651. wearing shorts for the 1st time of the season


Diana said...

You are such a wonderful writer. I feel so inspired by you. Just wanted to say thanks. :o)

Kelli said...

I LOVE chicken salad on croissants. Do you have a good recipe? Love your list.

Christina said...

I love your posts...and even though I'm often more of an autumn person, I'm crazy about the sun right now. It's actually shining today, and it is SO beautiful! I really want warm weather to come and stay this year.

Ash said...

I am praying for warm weather, too. This snow has GOT to go.

I like April because it's my anniversary month. AND spring comes in April. It seems like the world comes alive in spring--I love that.

I still really like your list.

stina1125 said...

walking into a dining room and seeing the table set - love love love.
miss you dearly.

Courtney said...

With such a sweet note to the sun, how could it not make an appearance for a sweet girl like you? And such fabulous items on your list!

Audra said...

Yes! Funfetti and french braids! I french braided Symone's hair today, she looks so cute!

Blair said...

Oh, I love funfetti cake mix! Oh, I am now completley craving it:)

April has borough the same wintry weather here--we have gotten 30" of snow this week!



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