May 17, 2009
my sidekick is coming to visit us tomorrow! yay. i love visits from haley. it's all fun, all the time. one of the perks of having a twin is that you never run out of things to talk about. never. the words just flow. we're going to talk and talk and talk. we'll probably talk the day away. when grant gets home we'll rush to the kitchen to look busy. we'll whip up something for dinner and then the three of us will talk some more at the dinner table. i hear it's supposed to be nice and warm this week so i'll show her my favorite running route. and we'll probably walk over to my new preferred coffee stop. and visit her favorite store in our tiny town. and she's going to work her magic on my hair. i can't wait. i love that my stylist is my sister. i love that my sister is my stylist. i love that my sister and my stylist are one and the same. i love it. i mean, i am really excited about this. she has skills. 
i've saved her a sackful of lemonheads, washed the pink camp shetek blanket, bought our favorite cereal, laid in a fresh store of smoothie supplies, and i even have some frost top root beer chilling in the fridge- reserved for us to pop open during tomorrow's 24 finale. 
can't wait to see my sister. (stylist.) it's going to be the best.
oh, and have i mentioned that my other sis (the li'l one, who's not so little anymore) will be spending almost the entire summer at camp with us? woohoo! sisters all around. i am living a charmed life. {left to right.. me, haley, chelsea.}


haley said...

can't even WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Have a blast you two! :)

Kelli said...

You all are adorable. Have fun with your sister, sounds like it's gonna be fun...mmm, lemonheads!

ALFIE said...

aren't sisters the best?!!

have a blast :)

marta said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. you three are absolutely adorable; wishing you lots of laughs and good chats. i know you'll be welcoming them into your home with sweet charming li'l treats and such. i love your Welcoming Guest ideas.

happy running.

made sweet said...

sisters really are the best. i love love love late night chats with them.

Frau said...

Sisters are the best! Have a great time with yours.

pve design said...

I mean really, how did grant pick? 3 graces.

mj said...

sounds like lots of sister fun ... sisters are the best! my little sister is a hair stylist and i love love love when she comes to visit because i get a new trim, color and lots of budget busting salon goodies! she's in NYC now for bumble to bumble and i miss her! have fun with your sis!

Jessica said...

You all look so cute and sounds so sweet! Wishing you the best of times!



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